Music by Matilda

Music by Matilda

About Me


Perth vocalist Matilda Simcock, is based in the musical genres of Jazz and Contemporary, singing anything from Alicia Key's "If it ain't you," to jazz standard "Fly me to the moon." She also shows great interest in Brazilian music and artists such us Jobim and Gilberto.

Musical Education

After gaining an early musical education at St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls, Matilda continued her studies at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA,) where she is currently in her third year of a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Jazz Performance. Matilda hopes to continue her studies and complete her Honours in the coming year. 

Musical Experience

Matilda has performed at a variety of venues with various bands, ranging from a Roy Orbison Tribute, to a Jazz Quintet, to the Western Australia String Quartet.  She has performed at venues such as The Ellington Jazz Club, El Calballo Resort, Chez Pierre, The Fremantle Navy Club, Burswood Gardens, and more frequently, The Laneway Lounge, to name a few.